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I’m Joey, JO for short, and The Fresh Jo for a little longer!

I find joy in long talks over a cup of fresh joe (pardon the pun) about love, truth, faith, and life! I find fun in the company of people! I love to laugh and dance, and pray, and worship, and write, and talk, and… alot of other things. Enough about me, I am here for you!



Well, why not?! Every moment is brand new. Every day is a fresh start to be who God created us to be! I keep FRESH in front of my name as a constant reminder of who we have the opportunity to BE and for others to SEE. so that they too can know, that they are FRESH! I thank God for Jesus because he is the freshest man to ever live. He brought a fresh dynamic to life on earth! And because of Him, we’re equipped to be the same exact way!

So, I am THE FRESH JO and you are THE FRESH (insert name).